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Hi there! I'm Ashley.

I'm a maker, a mama, a web & graphic designer, and wife to a fellow crafty entrepreneur. 

I'm also a writer, a soup-ninja, and someone who  paints and occasionally crochets.


Creativity is my guiding force. I eat, sleep, breathe, and even teach it... so after making bow ties for 4 years in my own sewing studio + storefront I felt like I had "branded" myself into a corner as the bow tie lady.


When I closed up shop in 2017 I started a personal Instagram page called @myactualbrand, a place where I could explore the full spectrum of my creative interests in a way that felt authentic.

Since then I've found many new ways to express myself and share my creativity with others. Nowadays you will find me teaching watercolor workshops and developing kids art + learning ideas at


I'm glad you're here.

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